By the Light of Lanterns

Hurricane Sandy has raised havoc on the East Coast and in our little town of Fairfield.

First there was the tree from our front yard that crashed down into the street taking down power lines! But awesome UI came out and fixed it during the storm.

That was good til our neighbors bigger spruce fell and you guessed it… Yup, took down the power lines…again!

So we are goin into day 3 no power…
Cleaned some closets, did a little reading, played Scrabble with my wordsmith hubby, then cleaned some more woodwork, journaled a bit. But what was so soothing and energizing at the same time was playing with watercolor on a selection of different hefty 140HP papers I purchased recently on a trip to Jerry’s Artarama. (Reeves and Fabriano were lovely!)
I had taken a Lettering with Watercolor Class with Joann Sharpe at Art is You…East Coast this month and have been dying to get back to experimenting with different paints, inks and paper. Now was the time! So I set up my battery powered lanterns and enjoyed a couple mini sessions! I have so much to learn about watercolor…anybody have any good tips?! Advice welcomed!!! For those still without heat and power, I feel ya! Do something, anything, creative! It will raise your spirits!

Oh and watching the squirrels devour a pumpkin during a hurricane is pretty wild too! Happy Halloween!!