BoJaGi is a Korean needle art form where small pieces of cloth are finely stitched together to create a larger cloth that can be used to wrap something. This month in my Slow Stitching class at The City Quilter we tried out this very delicate stitching technique.

Our teacher gifted us with exquisite pieces of silk organza that she purchased from a store in the NYC Garment District,  NY Elegant Fabrics. She used spray starch to make the pieces nice and crisp; this really helps with this teeny, tiny stitching! I used regular all purpose sewing thread and basic embroidery needle, no hoop.


Here’s my first attempt at BoJaGi. When the stitching is done, all the seams are completely enclosed on both sides, no raw edges are exposed.


Now when I tell you that these are teeny, tiny stitches, I am not kidding…probably 1/32″.  My sewing gauge doesn’t go down that small! What an incredible labor of love to make someone a cloth using this ancient art of stitching!

IMG_4676.jpgA special shout out to my zinnia garden for their gorgeous, colorful contribution to this post!

For those sewists and quilters who don’t already know, The City Quilter, NYC is closing its doors in October. I will so miss going to my monthly stitching class! The instruction, camaraderie and atmosphere has been a constant and incredible source of inspiration for me! Thank you CQ for the many years of great sewing, stitching and quilting experiences you have shared with me!

For more information on BoJaGi, click here.