The Sketchbook Project 2014

Today was the deadline for submissions to The Sketchbook Project 2014. I have been a participant in this now global effort since the beginning. This is my fourth submission!
My book this year is called ” Respect The Dress”. It’s a fairy tale about special occasion dresses that need to find a way to make their wearers/clients happy about their beautiful dresses. The dresses always talk in the sewing room after hours about their sad,distressed clients, frustrated seamstresses and overall dismal atmosphere in the shoppe. They have a crazy night where they kick up their hems, so to speak and come up with a very funny and clever solution to their dilemma!

The Art House, that runs TSP, provides all registrants with a Moleskine Journal that is the basis for your piece. I unbound mine and replaced the sketch weight paper with 140lb watercolor paper. Acrylics, pastel pans, markers, stamps, stamp pads and glitter spray were used to collage and embellish the pages. After all the collage work, hand lettering and sewing on the pages themselves was done, I rebound the journal by hand with linen thread.



I so love the fantasy and giddiness of the story and the handmade vintage feel of my book!
I’ve even gotten some very strong encouragement to copyright the story!
Anyway it’s been such a joy to create and I look forward to receiving notifications from my readers in the two regions I selected to send books out to tour: The Northeast and The Northwest states. You can read more about The Sketchbook Project at Sketchbook Project