25 Days of Make & Give- Day 22

“Custom Beverage”

In my studio, at this time of the year, I go through yards and yards of fleece: almost 13 yards! It’s a tradition that I gift the baristas at our local Starbucks with hand cut and fringed scarves for Christmas. This year’s fleece motifs include a cool giraffe print and a black & white  graphic flower design.


Yes, I am a longtime Starbucks patron (don’t worry I love a good cuppa at all those very fine indies as well!). And those very sweet guys and gals make my favorite beverage just right. It’s usually around 1-2pm, when I am between jobs, that I am jonesing for my 1/2 cafe, non fat latte with one pump of mocha syrup…these baristas never disappoint!


So thank you my very excellent artisan coffee makers for another  year of superb service!