25 Days of Make & Give- Day 21

“Paris, The City of Lights”

My parents have a friend, a native Parisian, who is also a dear friend of mine.  Ida will be turning 90 years old on 12/23. What incredibly strong and brave woman she is!  She attended a convent school in Paris and was taught there by French Nuns. Ida, also a cancer survivor, is an amazing needle artist, making lace and doilies. Her intricate handwork is beautiful and I am very fortunate that she has gifted many pieces to me over the years.

Ida met her husband, an American soldier, in Paris, they fell in love and have been married 69 years!


I saw these lovely Eiffel Tower die cuts on Etsy and thought they would remind Ida of her many sweet memories there. To add brilliance, I spray painted, added glitter and then tied a organza ribbon to make a Christmas ornament for her. She told me how upset she has been by the recent terrorist attacks on her beloved city. Hopefully, this ornie will slowly replace her sadness with a nostalgic smile!