Make & Give 2018, Day 12 of 25: Seasonal Check in


Every holiday season I look forward to having a sit with our dear mail carrier. She has been delivering news of all kinds to our door for over 20 years. Since Wednesday is my day off from my nursery school teaching job, that’s the day I wait for her. Looking back over the year’s our visit has come on more bad weather days than good: torrential rain, blizzard conditions and ice. Today however was a sunny, brisk, fall almost winter day. I always invite her in and we sit and I get to hear all about her growing family now with grandchildren! After our chat, I hand her a travel mug full of hot mocha goodness, a hand fringed fleece scarf and some homemade baked goodies. During the season, she typically puts in long 12 hour days. Thanks Juanita, as always, for all you do for us!

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