Make & Give 2019-Day 18: Little Baker

  • Recently I had planned a mini baking session for my sweet neighbor and her toddler. During the year we have a great time sharing our bakes so I thought this would be a festive and fun activity for all. Unfortunately her little baker was feeling under the weather so they had to cancel ☹️. So I bundled up all the goodies I had gathered and delivered them this morning. Included in the treat bag was child-sized baking tools, edible cookie decorations, holiday head band and this adorbs ‘milk and cookies’ T-shirt for little man. Hopefully they can enjoy a home bake when he’s feeling up to it!

Make & Give 2019: She never fails to deliver


It’s an M & G tradition to remember and show gratitude to our amazing mail carrier. Juanita never misses a delivery!  So in the freezing rain today, I offered her a cuppa cocoa and refuge inside for a bit. We catch up on each other’s lives, families and neighborhood news. Then off she goes on her route with more mail to deliver, a few yummy home bakes and treats.

Bless her, her incredible work ethic and the lovely person she is!

Make & Give 2019- Day 16: Roomies


Earlier this year our daughter moved out into her first apartment in the City. This was an exciting but stressful time for us all! Their place although in an urban environment is very residential and feels safe. She has two roomies and the three gals have gone through a lot of firsts together and have grown close as a result. Not having my girl around is not easy for me as we are very close but knowing she has two great roomies, who have each other’s backs, helps soothe my fears! I wrapped up a bunch of festive goodies for each in my cloth bags and laid them under their lovely Christmas Tree!

Make & Give 2019-Day 15: Random acts of Kindness


Such a fun day visiting with our dear daughter who lives in Astoria, Queens NY. What an opportunity to spread a little holiday cheer! Hubs and I wrapped up a big basket of treat bags with cold weather essentials: tissues, lip balm and mints! Everywhere we went today we stopped to pass out some goodies! Recipients included restaurant hosts, bartenders, musicians, baristas, a gift wrapper, coffee shop patrons and one elderly woman sitting on her stoop! All were genuinely surprised and delighted by these small tokens…comments included: “This is great, I just ran out of tissues”, “This is the nicest thing anyone ever gave me,” and “I think I’m going to cry, this is so nice”. And there was a lot of “For me?” The best part was offering these random acts of kindness to others alongside my hubs and daughter, JJ was here in spirit(!)…a lovely shared experience!



Make & Give 2019- Day 14: The Exceptional Teacher


Every Fall, I take a college level class in Early Childhood Education, for my job as a preschool teacher, at one of local community colleges. This semester, my class was about children with special needs. Our professor, who is a spry and brilliant educator, is in her late 80’s. She is an absolute rock star. A legend in her field, known far and wide for her dedication to making sure, as she says, that “every child gets what they need.”

As a small expression of my gratitude for all she taught me this term, I made her a special Gratitude journal and wrapped it in a cloth bag with a loaf of my holiday bread. She is an extraordinary person and I am all the better for having met her.

Make & Give 2019-Day 13: Pom Noms


This summer a very dear friend gifted me a bag full of yarn and needles that belonged to her Mom. Some of the yarn was a bit brittle and unfit for knitting a wearable but it was perfect for making pom poms! I decided I’d make a bunch of them in a few different sizes for holiday decorating in her new home! I used the Clover Pom Pom makers…definitely way too much fun and addictive to play with!

Make & Give 2019- Day 12: Little sips


Sometimes it’s just the simple things. This morning it was pretty cold outside and I thought I’d treat my co-teaching partners and school directors to a nice cup of hot chocolate, a nibble and a candy cane. I left these treats as a surprise in their office       and classroom respectively. The treats were well received and thoroughly enjoyed.                     Yup, it’s the little things!


Make & Give 2019- Day 11: Care for a friend


The holidays are a lot. Full of times for lots of fun, festivity, family, charity, work and a whole lotta other stuff. For some folks however, that means spending time in waiting rooms, doctors offices and hospitals. I know someone who has had her hands full with that lately and I thought she needed a little treat for herself. Caregivers always think of themselves last. So today’s Make & Give is a self-care package for someone who could use a lift. I enclosed a bunch of yummy bath and skin care goodies as well as one of my hand-dyed Winter Berry tea towels! Enjoy, you know who you are!

Make & Give 2019- Day 10: Journals in process…

Every year I enjoy making and gifting holiday journals to some of my creative friends. This year’s cover features cotton canvas dyed in an organic avocado pit bath. I lined the dyed cloths with a very thin layer of batting to give it a quilted feel and then cut and serged them into journal covers. Next I hand stamped them with fabric paint. The last step will be to add sweet hand stitches and embellishments! Here’s my progress so far…


Make & Give 2019- Day 9: Gratitude to Caregivers


Both my parents have a number of incredibly kind and generous staffers and caregivers attend to them, now that they are in full care, senior living communities. My dear sibs and I want to make sure we acknowledge all the close attention and TLC they offer Mom and Dad.

Since this year I am trying to reduce wasteful use of paper gift wrap whenever possible, I sewed up a bunch of muslin gift bags and hand stamped them. We will fill the bags up with tokens of appreciation and gift them to these dear folks at Christmas.

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