February 2015….Getting back in the swing!


Yes it has been one cold, snowy and WINDY winter…here there and everywhere!  And add to that my recovering from a damaged tendon in my left thumb and it has seemed like an even longer winter! But the good news is that the thumb is turning the corner and I am able to start to use it, albeit with the brace.

And Yankees Pitchers and Catchers start on Friday…so…there’s that to look forward to as well.

I have used my hiatus to watch several sewing tutorials, journal and dream of projects to finish and to start!  Fortunately I was able to do a little background paper painting (which always makes me happy!).

IMG_3101 IMG_3102

These sweeties were used as Valentines for my CARE packages to distant friends and former sewing students!

So what’s on my table now…I am working on a couple muslins adapted from international sewing patterns. I am so loving my “Coco” dress/tunic pattern from Tilly and The Buttons from the UK! Battling with fit issues on my muslins made from a Japanese pattern book…hopefully I will resolve the fit issues soon or abort the mission!  And then there’s my annual Sketchbook Project submission and my college graduate son’s quilt that needs finishing!  So boredom is not a word to describe my studio life!

I wish everyone a productive weekend and let me know what you are doing lately to beat cabin fever!

Book Launch Party: The Sketchbook Project 2014


On Friday, March 14, 2014. I attended the annual Book Launch of The Sketchbook Party at The Brooklyn Art Library. This is my 5th journal. I have been with The Project since the beginning!
I was blessed to be joined by my hubby n 2 children. It was a great evening. The BAL is a very hip arty space. Thoughtfully set up to showcase it’s impressive holding of over 30,000 sketchbooks, a gift shop and a few cozy areas to chill and enjoy a journal or two.




After chatting with TSP directors and organizers, I was shown how to obtain my first BAL card and find my journals!
They are so friendly and organized… This is one efficient and technologically, up to date system they have there! The tour this year includes 20 cities!

The BAL is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. Lots of sweet trendy shops and restaurants and a few blocks from a spectacular view of the NYC skyline from the East River


So pleased was I that I picked up their fab 2014 poster and 2015 Sketchbook!


Looking forward to gathering ideas and beginning the book for next years tour! With working at the bridal and at home with my private sewing students, I always use my down time in January, just weeks before TSP deadline, to create my journal! Hopefully I get a chance to get started a little earlier this year ( I say that every year!)!


Winter Sewing 2014

I’m so happy that my private sewing students have resumed lessons, post the holiday season and weather related cancellations!

We always take the first week to get back into the groove of seeing and making. We are creating mini scrap quilts to donate and also to give as Valentines.

“Millie” our greeter and creative muse is at the helm, naturally.

Nothing like a big bin of fabric scraps, piles of trims, textile inks, boxes of bits and steaming mugs of hot chocolate to get those creative juices goin and to ward off those nasty bone chillin temps we have been havin!



Keep warm and keep making!!

The Sketchbook Project 2014

Today was the deadline for submissions to The Sketchbook Project 2014. I have been a participant in this now global effort since the beginning. This is my fourth submission!
My book this year is called ” Respect The Dress”. It’s a fairy tale about special occasion dresses that need to find a way to make their wearers/clients happy about their beautiful dresses. The dresses always talk in the sewing room after hours about their sad,distressed clients, frustrated seamstresses and overall dismal atmosphere in the shoppe. They have a crazy night where they kick up their hems, so to speak and come up with a very funny and clever solution to their dilemma!

The Art House, that runs TSP, provides all registrants with a Moleskine Journal that is the basis for your piece. I unbound mine and replaced the sketch weight paper with 140lb watercolor paper. Acrylics, pastel pans, markers, stamps, stamp pads and glitter spray were used to collage and embellish the pages. After all the collage work, hand lettering and sewing on the pages themselves was done, I rebound the journal by hand with linen thread.



I so love the fantasy and giddiness of the story and the handmade vintage feel of my book!
I’ve even gotten some very strong encouragement to copyright the story!
Anyway it’s been such a joy to create and I look forward to receiving notifications from my readers in the two regions I selected to send books out to tour: The Northeast and The Northwest states. You can read more about The Sketchbook Project at
http://www.sketchbookproject.com/aboutThe Sketchbook Project

What’s to come in 2014?


It’s late afternoon on New Years Eve 2013 and I continue to be hard at work on my submissions for this coming year’s Sketchbook Project. After doing several dummies I think I have all my ideas, hand lettering styles, pens and ephemera chosen! I will be creating three copies of the book: one to travel with SP in the Northeast US , one for the Pacific Northwest US and one copy to keep. So much to do… The deadline is January 15, 2014! When I finish the books I will post them for you to enjoy!

For more info on The Sketchbook Project visit sketchbook project.com
A very productive and satisfying day I’d say! Now it’s time to leave the studio and start preparing some treats for our lil stay at home New Years celebration with family.

Btw I always select a word or two as my resolution for the New Year. This year’s word is “stretch.” As in stretching beyond my comfort zone or routine, creatively, physically etc.

What’s your word for 2014? I’d love to hear!

A Happy, Healthy Blessed New Year to you all dear friends!!

2012 done, Movin on and Upward in 2013

So you may have been wondering what I’ve been up to (maybe?!)…sorry to report that I haven’t been sittin around polishing off those last few Christmas Cookies! Instead paper, paint, needle n threads have been flyin all over the studio!

The Sketchbook Project Project
This is my third year as a contributor to this global art project. My submissions the last two years were cloth books. As a personal challenge, I went with watercolor, ink and pastel collage on paper. My book this year was a reflection on 2012, the highs n lows. The watercolor part was fun but tricky! I am more of a textile, acrylic painter. Soooo glad I gave it a try though, I have been trying to paint more backgrounds for my lettered pages. And have already started some new WC painted papers. Here are a few pages of my accordion layout. Check out the Sketchbook Project on line or go visit them at The Brooklyn art Library before this years books begin their journey cross country.





Painted & Embellished Dish Towels
For a recent art retreat where attendees exchange a little art trade, I painted dish towel-sized cloths. They came out very cute with the rickrack or flower trim on the edge. One prob though, I usually prewash all fabric before I paint or dye on it, but didn’t this time, and not prewashing this time was a boo boo! One of the galz used her towel and wet it and the paint ran!!! Too much sizing on the cloths must have been the prob! Oh boy! Live and learn!!


There u have my little update!
Soon I will do a post on all the fab books n baubles started at Art Girlz,
Have a few finishing touches before I gift them!
So stay on the lookout for more in 2013!
My words for 2013 are :
Notice and Gratitude!
What are yours?!!!


Luggage Tag Challenge

Here is my submission to art and mixed media magazine Cloth Paper Scissors, Reader Challenge “Luggage Tag”. Inspired by past vacations down at Sea Island, GA, I used hand painted fabrics, cheesecloth, handpainted paper for flip flops, beads, maps and found objects to pull the whole piece together. It’s about 4 x 6″, like postcard size. So fun and always good to take a challenge!