Beads, Beads, Beads!


How we love those beads: all shapes, sizes and colors! We use them alone and in combination. They add texture, sparkle and dimension. In my Art Is You Stamford 2015 workshop this October, “Art Retreat Threads”, we will have some playtime with different beads, techniques and placement on your newly altered garments.  In the photo above, I used beads to embellish a sweatshirt on top of a machine free-motioned stitched flower and also to make the flower center pop. Hand sewing beads does take time but the upside is that it’s a needle art that you can do while watching TV or my favorite, listening to audio books. It’s very therapeutic!


Now these denim beauties, pictured above, took awhile to bead (“not gonna lie”!)! But they are a beloved garment of mine. I was channeling my inner Georgia O’Keefe,”Poppies” for inspiration. I layered different cotton broadcloths and velvets, free hand cut out flower and leaf shapes, machine appliquéd them to the jeans and then finally went bonkers with the beads! Yes, it’s an (happy) addiction!

Join me for my workshop, we will have a blast redesigning and embellishing garments you already own. We will turn them into fun and functional pieces to wear when creating at home or on the road!, Click here for more details


See you in October!!

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