Pouches for Joeys, Wallabys and Marsupials Down Under

Hi Makers! I wanted to share a very meaningful service project I just started this week. The very lovely, kind and talented Sarah of Piccolo Studio has published several excellent tutorials and “printable pattern templates” for making pouches “for dear ones”: vulnerable Kangaroos, Wallabys and marsupials affected by the spreading wildfires in Australia. Sarah is a member of ARC, the Animal Rescue Craft Collective. Her patterns are based on the original pouch pattern by Long Grass Nature Refuge. Her refined patterns are available for free as PDF downloads. I downloaded the patterns and had them copied at our local Staples on sturdy copy paper. The pattern download prints out on letter-sized paper. You do have to trim the tops and left sides and then tape them together. I would recommend putting on some music or as I often do my current audible book. This pattern taping process will be done in no time!

In Australia, far too many people, their homes, businesses and wildlife have greatly suffered due to these spreading wildfires. Regarding wildlife, Sarah points out in her posts that these poor animals require care not just now in this current crisis but year-round under normal circumstances. Animal refuge center are always in need of these pouches. With this in mind, I wanted to share the link to her site. There you will find a variety of pattern templates to make and send. Sarah also provides the mailing address in the tutorial. All of these pouches are manageable for a beginner sewist. The pouches require a relatively small amount of fabric yardage. Sarah has included recommendations for best fabric choices and sewing prep.

This week, I began by downloading the PDF pattern templates, getting them printed and then trimming them down.


Next I taped them together.
IMG_9747Then I went through my fabric stash. I found some nice durable cotton twills, recommended for the outer pouch pieces and soft cotton flannels, recommended for the inner pouch pieces. I pre-washed, recommended by Sarah, all these natural fiber fabrics.  I laid out the patterns and fabrics and cut out 10 pouches.

IMG_9749 With the long holiday weekend coming up, I hope to get a good jump start on the sewing! Please click on the link, check out Sarah’s story and please consider making and donating a few of these pouches for these very needy Aussie animal friends. Thank you!

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