Make & Give 2019-Day 24: Annual Visit to the ER


No Make & Give season would be complete without our family’s annual visit to the ER. Thankfully not for medical treatment, but to spread holiday cheer. Every Christmas Eve, my hubs and two children join me as we walk through the wards of St Vincent’s Hospital in Bridgeport, C.T. to pass out treats. We handed out reindeer antlers with jingle bells to the doctors, nurses and staffers and then we stopped in patients’ rooms to give crossword puzzle and coloring books, hand cream, tissues and candy canes to both the infirmed and their families. It’s so heartwarming to us to see their smiles in spite of their situations. I am ever grateful to my dear husband who supports this effort and always offers to wrap every single gift and to our children who always want to be included and enthusiastically greet the patients. Thanks as well to St. V’s Charge Nurse Diane for graciously granting us access to the wards as well as to the nurses who guide us through the wards.

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