Make & Give 2019-Day 25: It’s a Wrap!

Well my dear makers and givers, we made it!! (ha ha, pun intended!) Today we celebrate  the good work that we have all done to spread joy with our hand mades. Isn’t it the best feeling to share our time and creative efforts with others? For me, it is both a heartwarming and inspiring experience. My patient and clever son assembled this little slideshow of my 2019 Make & Give highlights. As I write this holiday wrap up piece for you, my daughter turned on the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for background music…imagine that as you read and watch the show. Thank you all for reading, liking and commenting on my posts. Your interest and support means a lot to me! I am full of gratitude. I am wishing you all a lovely holiday season, time to relax and restore and a most productive, creative year to come! Blessings.

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Make & Give 2019-Day 24: Annual Visit to the ER


No Make & Give season would be complete without our family’s annual visit to the ER. Thankfully not for medical treatment, but to spread holiday cheer. Every Christmas Eve, my hubs and two children join me as we walk through the wards of St Vincent’s Hospital in Bridgeport, C.T. to pass out treats. We handed out reindeer antlers with jingle bells to the doctors, nurses and staffers and then we stopped in patients’ rooms to give crossword puzzle and coloring books, hand cream, tissues and candy canes to both the infirmed and their families. It’s so heartwarming to us to see their smiles in spite of their situations. I am ever grateful to my dear husband who supports this effort and always offers to wrap every single gift and to our children who always want to be included and enthusiastically greet the patients. Thanks as well to St. V’s Charge Nurse Diane for graciously granting us access to the wards as well as to the nurses who guide us through the wards.

Make & Give 2019-Day 23: For my knitting mentor


For me, on the off season (teacher schedule!), I attend a knit group on Mondays at my LYS. Our fearless leader patiently corrects all our mistakes, offers design and technique advice. She is so generous and a wonder! Not only a master level knitter, she is a talented sewist and stitcher as well. What to make and give to this creative?! Only a hand dyed piece will do! I gifted her a mulberry colored hand dyed cotton table scarf. I’m so glad she loved it! Thank you so much, Laura for sharing your knowledge, infinite patience and friendship!

Make & Give 2019-Day 22: Open Studio


Every holiday season I open up my studio for the afternoon and invite my sewing student alumnae to stop by for holiday making. Today was that day! Also, one of my dear students recently got engaged. What a perfect opportunity to celebrate her as we sat, chatted and crafted. I made her a special journal to record stories and events leading up to the Big Day! Onto the canvas journal cover, I stitched one of my sweet heart patches and added a few more slow stitched lines. She then continued on stitching in her own signature style using some of my hand dyed floss. Ahhh, how stitching always seems to connect us all!

Make & Give 2019-Day 21: On the Fringe


A returning favorite here for today’s M & G: making fringed fleece scarves for ALL the Starbucks baristas in our town, that’s three locations, who are so friendly and incredibly patient with my drink order! It’s a whole lotta cutting and fringing but so work it! Every year when I think perhaps this is scarfing is getting old, I hear things like, “Oh, thank you so much I really need this” or “My daughter/sister/son took last year’s scarf and I’m keeping this one for me” and the like. So off I go into the studio, scissors in hand, singing Christmas carols and fringing!

Make & Give 2019-Day 20: Holiday Nuptials


For today’s Make & Give, I surprised a friend who is getting remarried on New Years Day.  This lady is a real gem, such a kind and giving woman! I wanted to celebrate her and her upcoming wedding in a special way. For her: one of my annual holiday cloth journals to begin a written record of her new journey, a bouquet of ivory and pink roses and silly 2020 glasses for some New Years fun! She was so surprised and is beyond happy. I wish her and her betrothed every happiness!

Make & Give 2019-Day 19: Little Bundles of Cheer


A few dear friends are going through long days managing health issues themselves or with their spouses, some are grieving from loss and some both. These little bundles of cheer, wrapped in my hand-dyed tea towels, contain baked goods, tea or hot cocoa…. just the thing when you need to slow down, have a healthy snack and regroup. I love how I was able to get three different gradations from one dye color: “Maroon.” I varied the amount of dye power and activator (Alum) to get the Light, Medium and Dark shades.  Procion MX Reactive dye from Pro Chem, always so reliable, was the dye product and source used. I’m thinking and praying for all these friends, their families and the burdens they carry at this often-challenging time of the year.

Make & Give 2019-Day 18: Little Baker

  • Recently I had planned a mini baking session for my sweet neighbor and her toddler. During the year we have a great time sharing our bakes so I thought this would be a festive and fun activity for all. Unfortunately her little baker was feeling under the weather so they had to cancel ☹️. So I bundled up all the goodies I had gathered and delivered them this morning. Included in the treat bag was child-sized baking tools, edible cookie decorations, holiday head band and this adorbs ‘milk and cookies’ T-shirt for little man. Hopefully they can enjoy a home bake when he’s feeling up to it!

Make & Give 2019: She never fails to deliver


It’s an M & G tradition to remember and show gratitude to our amazing mail carrier. Juanita never misses a delivery!  So in the freezing rain today, I offered her a cuppa cocoa and refuge inside for a bit. We catch up on each other’s lives, families and neighborhood news. Then off she goes on her route with more mail to deliver, a few yummy home bakes and treats.

Bless her, her incredible work ethic and the lovely person she is!

Make & Give 2019- Day 16: Roomies


Earlier this year our daughter moved out into her first apartment in the City. This was an exciting but stressful time for us all! Their place although in an urban environment is very residential and feels safe. She has two roomies and the three gals have gone through a lot of firsts together and have grown close as a result. Not having my girl around is not easy for me as we are very close but knowing she has two great roomies, who have each other’s backs, helps soothe my fears! I wrapped up a bunch of festive goodies for each in my cloth bags and laid them under their lovely Christmas Tree!

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