Make & Give 2018, Day 22: Hands down!


Here she is, a sister like no other! She’s simply the best, hands down! Today we celebrated a lovely but very different kind of family Christmas. Our Mom & Dad aren’t able to travel distance much anymore, so we siblings decided it best to bring Christmas to them. And we did just that. After all the good eating was done, we did our gift exchanging. As most of you know, I’m still very much a newbie knitter and my projects have been good basics that I’m learning and growing from. So this is the first time I have had the courage to gift a hand knit! Years ago my sister crocheted me some beautiful wash cloths and I have always wanted to return the favor! For this little number above, I used the pattern on the Purl Bee, the Purl Soho blog. The yarn is 100% cotton that I dyed in an indigo sugar vat this past autumn, in a workshop at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. The yarn is soooo soft and on closer inspection you can see the lovely blue, white and natural variations in color. It’s certainly not much but its a start and hopefully my gifted hand knits will grow in type, number and complexity. SO here’s to you Lynn, you are one heck of a sister and dear friend. I am truly blessed!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Mervosh
    Dec 22, 2018 @ 20:14:53

    Thank you, dearest Sister! I will treasure it♥️


  2. Mary MacIlvain
    Dec 23, 2018 @ 07:20:01

    Sisters are the best! I love the knitted washcloth – what a lovely color.


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