Make & Give 2018, Day 21: Scarves a plenty!


Every year I happily cut up and fringe 15 yards worth of printed fleece for all the baristas at the 4 different Starbucks locations in my hometown. These sweet folks provide my favorite hot beverage every day.


Many have said, why don’t you just buy an espresso machine! And I must say that I have entertained that idea. But it’s become kind of ritual for me to stop at Starbucks after I leave my preschool on my way home to begin my afternoon of sewing lessons or homework from my college classes.


It’s that time in between for me, that transition from one part of my day to another, that is my coffee stop. Not to mention a very much-needed caffeine jolt to help me through the rest of the afternoon and evening!


I love the responses I always get my from “my” baristas(!) when I hand over the bags of scarves: “ooooo, you remembered me!” or “thank goodness for this scarf, it’s so cold when the door opens” or my favorite, “my daughter/sister/mom took last year’s scarf, I’m keeping this one for myself!”

Thank you one and all, dear coffee-making wonders that you are, Merry Christmas and I see you tomorrow for the usual!

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