Make & Give, Day 18: Original Squammies


I attended my first Squam Art Retreat, Holderness NH, in Spring 2016. For many years I had read rave reviews about this incredible artistically transformative, biannual art retreat and decided to attend. This would be a first for me in many ways. I never attended Squam. I didn’t know anyone who was attending and therefore didn’t have any roomies. Lastly, I didn’t know how to knit (not that that’s a requirement but most attendees do knit). Well, I am so happy and grateful to report that I met for-life friends there and two of whom who were cabin mates that year taught me how to knit! ┬áIn 2019, I feel so fortunate to be attending my 3rd Squam and will be rooming with one of the OS. Even though my “Original Squammies (OS)” live out-of-state, we keep in touch via social media and chat occasionally. I so miss my creative friends but every time I pick up my knitting needles, I drift back to our first meetings and fun times together!

For them, I made the denim recycled pocket-sized journals and included some pretty fabulous Japanese thread snips from Cohana.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear OSs….looking forward to our knit talks in 2019!

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