Me-Made-May 2018, Post #6


Hi friends! Sorry for the lapse in posts but I was waylaid with a stomach bug, but I’m back and hoping to finish MMM18 strong!

Not every project comes out kittens and unicorns and such was the case with this top!


Initially the plan was to make view D from McCalls 7562… with this wild and wonderful printed mid weight, cotton/viscose blend purchased from Mood NYC. Once finished the dress just didn’t drape well..the fabric choice, although fun fun fun was just too stiff. After much debate with my daughter, we agreed it would work better as a top. So cut and altered down, and closing up the neckline placket, I came up with this.


I added a trim of natural cotton tassels, from East Coast Trimming, to the hem…I think this embellishment is my favorite feature of this top! My main take away from this mishap is to be more mindful of those tricky fabrics that catch your eye, draw you in and make you say, “what can I do with this?”  The weight and stiffness of this fabric made it fall between the categories of what is best suited for tops, dresses or bottom garments! I do like the pattern and am still thinking I’ll go back and give it another go with a more drapey fabric. I’ll keep you posted!

For more on Me-Made-May 2018, click on the link on the side bar upper right.

See you soon, take care!


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