Day 7 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Taking a creative time out!


Day 7 found me sharing some creative down time in my studio with my daughter. She expressed an interest in learning how to distress her jeans. I had taught a workshop on that just recently, so I was ready to share!

First we did a test piece using a pair of sample jeans. I demonstated a few different techniques:  sanding, cutting an opening with scissors and fringing with a seam ripper and then just tearing the denim. She chose the ones she liked and went right to it. The end result was to her satisfaction and she enjoyed wearing the jeans on a trip down to NOLA, this month. I did offer her a future lesson in how to embellish her jeans with some slow stitching, when she’s ready to go to the next level! It was great to bring the fast pace of holiday making down to a more chill level of activity and what could be better than sharing creative time and space with a beloved one of your own!


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