Day 24 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Annual Visit to St Vincent’s Hospital ER


Tonight, on Christmas Eve, we made our annual visit to St Vincent’s Hospital’s ER. This is our second year to do this service and we do this as a family. Lots of little treats, wrapped by my hubby, were delivered to patients and families who were waiting and/or in treatment. Christmas headbands decorated with antlers and Christmas trees were gifted to the staff to wear as they do their rounds.  Dozens of candy canes were passed out to the administrators and personnel we met in the hallways. As we walked by I heard the crinkling sound of unwrapping paper, it made me smile.  The nurses and staffers were so friendly and sweet as they walked us through the wards and into every room.


It’s just a little gesture. As we drove back home we talked about the experience and how good this felt to come back to St V’s. We alway feel so welcomed by the patients and the dedicated staff, despite the serious nature and activity of the emergency room. How hard it must be to be feeling so unwell on the holidays and to be in the hospital. We are wishing everyone a most happy, healthy and Christmas Eve.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Mervosh
    Dec 24, 2017 @ 18:19:58

    So dear!


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