Day 7 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Taking a creative time out!


Day 7 found me sharing some creative down time in my studio with my daughter. She expressed an interest in learning how to distress her jeans. I had taught a workshop on that just recently, so I was ready to share!

First we did a test piece using a pair of sample jeans. I demonstated a few different techniques:  sanding, cutting an opening with scissors and fringing with a seam ripper and then just tearing the denim. She chose the ones she liked and went right to it. The end result was to her satisfaction and she enjoyed wearing the jeans on a trip down to NOLA, this month. I did offer her a future lesson in how to embellish her jeans with some slow stitching, when she’s ready to go to the next level! It was great to bring the fast pace of holiday making down to a more chill level of activity and what could be better than sharing creative time and space with a beloved one of your own!

Day 25 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: From our House to Yours


Merry Christmas, my friends! Every year when I begin my 25 Days of Make & Give, I gather up my makes and recipients, and set up my calendar for deliveries. Every day, I check off a name and make from the list. And with what seems like a blink of an eye, it is Christmas! Do you feel that way?! All that making and giving has finally come to a close, but does it really? No, not ever. Makers and givers never want to stop creating and sharing their abilities to spread joy to others. So with that thought, one of my Christmas wishes to you all is that you try to keep making and giving, no matter the time of the year. As “Toy Story” character, Buzz Lightyear says “to infinity and beyond.” Wishing you a blessed day and season full of love, life and laughter.



Day 24 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Annual Visit to St Vincent’s Hospital ER


Tonight, on Christmas Eve, we made our annual visit to St Vincent’s Hospital’s ER. This is our second year to do this service and we do this as a family. Lots of little treats, wrapped by my hubby, were delivered to patients and families who were waiting and/or in treatment. Christmas headbands decorated with antlers and Christmas trees were gifted to the staff to wear as they do their rounds.  Dozens of candy canes were passed out to the administrators and personnel we met in the hallways. As we walked by I heard the crinkling sound of unwrapping paper, it made me smile.  The nurses and staffers were so friendly and sweet as they walked us through the wards and into every room.


It’s just a little gesture. As we drove back home we talked about the experience and how good this felt to come back to St V’s. We alway feel so welcomed by the patients and the dedicated staff, despite the serious nature and activity of the emergency room. How hard it must be to be feeling so unwell on the holidays and to be in the hospital. We are wishing everyone a most happy, healthy and Christmas Eve.



Day 23 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Creative time shared


Today’s Make & Give is all about sharing. It was a very gloomy rainy kind of day, weather-wise, but you would never know that by the festive creative spirit that pervaded my home today. I opened up the my studio and the room adjacent, to some of my most beloved local sewing student alumnae. We keep in touch through text, email and social media but nothing beats the in-person connection. Not exactly knowing how creatively ambitious the ladies would feel this afternoon, I set up four different fabric and paper related projects. With Christmas music in the background and lots of yummy confections for sustenance, they pleasantly surprised me by really jumping right in, crafting and sewing all afternoon!  The age range from high school to working professional made no difference whatsoever. All the women chatted about work, school, movies, music and pop culture in general with each other while they created. A couple of their moms even joined in the fun! I so loved seeing each one, catching up on their lives and sharing creative time and space. The gals came and went as we are all so pressed for time during the holiday season. But it was so good to see them all. We are definitely doing this again next year! Love you gals!


Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 7.41.56 PM




Day 22 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Art Angel


Yes, I believe in angels, All kinds of angels. Those on Heaven and on Earth. Those who watch over and look after us in so many different ways. Many of us are fortunate to have a friend in Jean who has looked out for us, who has encouraged us in our creative endeavors and who has showcased our artwork on her/our FB page “Rag Bag Girls”. How does she manage it? She finds something specific, genuine and supportive to say about every artist, in every single post for every single person in our global group!  There is probably no way to somehow ever thank her enough for all she does for me and for all of us. She is our art angel! And I know I am forever grateful to her for all her positivity and heartfelt support. For her, I am gifting a handmade journal, those wonderful imported Sanjou embroidery needles, a cut of suiting weight linen and some of my ice dyed floss. Thank you, Jean

Day 21 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: The coffee connection


In our little beachfront community there is no shortage of good coffee! My personal preference is Starbucks. Over the years the good folks at all three locations have always made my favorite hot beverage perfect, every time.


So every Christmas I fringe fleece scarves for every single barista, that comes to about 50! It is truly my pleasure. And every year I ask whether or not they still want these scarves and there’s always an overwhelming unanimous agreement of YES! Today was my day to deliver to the three stores and of course I was warmly greeted, as always! Thank you, dear baristas!


Day 20 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Stitch Buddies


Today I met up with a couple gals who I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing for a few years. We met at a Slow Stitching Workshop at NYC’s, The City Quilter. The one day workshop turned into a class that ran for over a year! The class met every month. We learned about and tried out many different styles and techniques of slow stitching from all over the world. And then the classes ended and The City Quilter closed its doors for business! Oh no, what to do?! Myself and my new “Stitch Buddies” formed our own mini group and met monthly in different open spaces throughout NYC to talk and stitch. Fast forward a year, one of the gals retired from her job and moved down South to be by her family. Today however was a mini reunion as the three of us were all local! We gathered together to catch up on what’s been going on in our lives and with our current stitching projects. I just love these ladies! We fell into conversation just like it was yesterday! We all exchanged handmades gifts. Above pictured are some of my make and gives to them, tucked inside my festive cloth bags. Notice the embroidery floss:  I organically dyed it using avocado pits! Such a soft petal pink color! I know these clever ladies will find a way to incorporate it into one of their brilliant stitcheries! I also gave them each a package of fine, imported embroidery needles! A yummy stitching notion!

Day 19 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: The Next Generation


Today was the last day of private sewing lessons and workshops for the year.  Above are just some of the makes and treats that I gifted them to keep them sewing and crafting over the holidays til we resume in the New Year! I feel so blessed to be teaching and inspiring the current and next generation of sewists!.

Day 18 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: Too much!


A couple that we know have had one heck of a roller coaster ride recently. Sadly there have been more lows than highs. This gal and her hubby have had to deal with soooo much; it’s just toooo much! I have put together a care package of makes and treats that will hopefully put a smile on their faces and a lil jingle in their day! Hang in there dear friends, I pray that despite all that has happened, you can find some peace and joy in the holiday season!

Day 17 of My 25 Days of Make & Give: The challenge of distance…


Isn’t it difficult to be away from those you care about who are also going through some real hard times, especially at the holidays? It often makes me feel helpless. This year it seems I know so many that could use a pick me up visit and yet there are miles keeping us apart. That’s where I rely on my “make & gives”. Nothing can replace being there in person for friends or family in need, but when that’s not possible, I hope that receiving a little care package in the mail should somehow lighten one’s spirit? Such is the case with a friend living out in “The Badger State”. She has had a year of back pain and surgeries. She is also a very creative person. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for her be not to be working at her art, due to her physical limitations. For her I sent along one of my hand dyed indigo pieces, a toasty scarf and a cool read. I hope that while she is recovering she can stay cozy and inspired and dream of her next projects! Feel better my friend!

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