Welcome Summer 2017- Ice Dyeing




Last Sunday, since it was a gloriously sunshiny afternoon, I set up two dye baths for ice dyeing. Since I had a few boxes of RIT Dye in the studio, I went with it! The colors I used were golden-yellow, petal pink and fuchsia.  So for a few hours, the dye baths languished in the hot sunshine and then a pop up rain storm came. I had just enough time to cover everything with plastic and put weights on top as the wind was really gusting!


After waiting for the storm to blow past, I decided to move the dye baths into the garage and set my sights on Monday. The sun cooperated beautifully and I set the dye baths back outside with a fresh supply of ice on top.


Here’s the dyed fabrics resting on the lawn. Their next stop was for a thorough washing and rinsing out in the washing machine with Synthrapol, to get all the excess dye out and set it.


Three of these lovely cotton textured, tea towels are part of a shared threads collaborative I’m involved in with my talented needle artist friends from Summer       Squam 2017.


I also dyed some cotton DMC embroidery floss and I love the ombre effect I got. The rayon bias tape, shown above, I literally tossed into the bottom of one of the dyeing buckets…what a sweet surprise to see how well the tape took to the dye! Those of you who know me, know how devoted I am to to my Shibori and organic dyeing practices…fear not, that hasn’t changed a drop. This ice dyeing with RIT proved to be some great summer fun, easy and brought a big punch! The colors remind me of rainbow sherbert! Certainly will be doing more of this method as we enjoy the nice summer sunshine!

For more on Ice Dyeing with RIT Powder Dyes, click here. Enjoy!