Merry Christmas Make & Give!



Merry Christmas Everyone! There is one more post of Make & Give and this one is a repeat recipient. Up the street we have neighbors where Mrs. is a RN, Mr. is a firefighter and one of their sons serves in the military, he has made several tours overseas. Every year we decorate a tree in patriotic colors to commemorate the family’s service to community and country. Their daily acts of bravery make my heart swell with civic pride. On the steps above this year’s mini spruce you can see trees from previous years…how nicely they have grown! A very Merry Christmas to these neighbors and to all men and women who serve our towns, states and country in every way.

Thank you for following this my third year of Make & Give. I hope I have offered some inspiration to encourage your own versions of making and giving during the holiday season. I am often asked where I find my ideas for my M & Gs. By just keeping my eyes and heart open, I find loads of inspiration. This year there were many extra M & G’s that I didn’t have enough days to include them all in my daily posts. Hmmm that brings to mind a new idea! Stay tuned!

Merry and Happy Holidays to you…B- and Stay Inspired!



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