25 Days of Make & Give- Day 19


Jean Rubman is one very devoted lady. As an incredibly talented and  published mixed media artist in her own right, she somehow finds the time to not only post on her creative daily blog, “Rag Bag Girls”, but to also read and thoughtfully comment on the numerous posts of RBG followers. I met Jean, and her creative and beautiful daughter Amy, years ago at Art Is You. And even though we usually only see each other once a year, it’s as if it was yesterday! She emanates such warmth and is always fascinated by and genuinely interested in what her fellow artists are up to!

As a little appreciation for all the love and support she shows me and all the others in our RBG community (and beyond), I dedicate today’s M & G to her!


I have mailed her one of my Shibori dyed scarves. It is made from organic 100 % cotton knit and dyed in Indigo. Over the summer I had held numerous fabric dyeing workshops here in my hometown and she has always enthusiastically complimented me on the pieces I shared on this blog and on FB.

So Jean, this one is for you!

Enjoy my friend and thank you!


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