25 Days of Make & Give- Day 13

“For the Birds”

Today’s M & G goes out to our fine feathered friends who daily visit our backyard feeders. They come in all sizes and shapes and simply devour mass quantities of seed. They have been good this year and will be on the “nice” list. So “for the birds”, I have set up a mini smorgasbord of crumbled up bread goods, some bits of twine and hemp from my summer fabric binding and dyeing for their nest building, all inside a new tray feeder. And yes, I attached a little Christmas decorations, that glimmer when the sun shines on it!


We also host any number of other 4 legged creatures. Most of these guys however have not been so good this year and may find themselves on the naughty list. In the spirit of giving, I decided to overlook all the bulbs, flowers and shrubbery they feasted on, in broad daylight, often right under my nose. Honestly!  SO, here you go, guys …all the leftover pumpkins…have at it!


Bon appetit!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Mervosh
    Dec 13, 2015 @ 18:23:04

    What a wonderful idea! It will surely bring joy to all. Love you and your kind work.


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