25 Days of Make & Give-Day 11

Time out for Teachers

A few days of week, I work part-time at the nursery school my children attended many years ago. It’s a charming, magical place. Housed in the same building with a beautiful old church, it is a place where children are encouraged to learn through play . You won’t find any toddlers tinkering with computers here!

It’s the terrific 2’s where I spend most of my time. These little toddlers are simply delicious! We get on the floor and play blocks, cars, make puzzles, art and read books. There are two teachers and myself as support. But we work as a team. And this work does the heart good! A spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility is the attitude we embrace.

At this time of the year the two year-olds, who may or may not fully understand the holidays, still feel the excitement and it’s all hands on deck! I am hoping that today’s “Make & Give” will inspire my co- workers during the holiday break to take a few minutes to slow down and color! You may have noticed, while walking through craft, hobby or sewing stores that coloring books for the “big kids” are all the rage. They hold beautiful floral, geometric and other fun line drawings and images. My M & G for each teacher holds one of these coloring books, crayons, a box of tea and a loaf of my homemade bread. Both these teachers travel North on winter weekends to ski and I can envision them curling up after a day on the slopes with a cuppa, crayons and their coloring books! Take some time out to chill and create my friends, you deserve it!




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