25 Days Of Make & Give-Day 6

Holiday Workshops with Young Adults

For over 10 years I have held Holiday Sewing Workshops for my private youth students. Typically there are two days where students come in mini group size to dye and paint fabrics for gifts for friends and family. Today was such a day. Let me take you through it! I began to set up around 11am… This year we are Shibori dyeing cotton flannel, linen fabrics and tea towels in 3 colors (indigo, cranberry and hunter green).

I always get plenty of help from my muse, Miss Millie who serves as the overseer of all activities. She is always in the thick of things!


Students arrived at 1pm and I demonstrated new Shibori binding techniques with wood blocks , wood sticks, wood shapes, twine, rubber bands and clamps. Everyone gets to work tying up the fabrics to go into the dye baths. Listening to holiday music and enjoying munchies, the girls got into the spirit wearing the Santa hats, I gifted them!



Three hours later, all the fabrics have been dyed and are ready to be unbound. This unveiling of their pieces is always an exciting. Lots of oooohs and aaaahs! The girls left after 4pm.  Then I began rinsing and washing all of their dyed fabrics with Synthrapol to remove residual dye. This goes on till about 8pm! All fabrics will be ready for them when they return during the next couple weeks to sew them into scarves, pillowcases, journal covers and holiday ornaments. The dyed fabrics came out gorgeous!


I’m sure all those family members and friends lucky enough to receive one of these beautiful “make & gives” will be thrilled!

Great day of creativity, great job girls and you too Millie!!





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