25 Days of Make & Give-Day 2

“Snuggle Up”

Today is Day 2 of my “25 Days of Make & Give”. Here at home, it is a damp, dreary, rainy kind of day. Perfect weather, however, for today’s Make & Give!


Now how’s that for a pop of color?! When I saw this hot pink, aqua and turquoise multi animal printed fleece, I knew I needed it, especially for this person.  Making a fleece blanket is as easy as pie. I used 2ish yards, rounded off the squared corners with a rotary cutter and a corner template and then overlocked with hot pink thread all around with my serger.

So there’s a dear friend, we go way back to when our children attended the same neighborhood elementary school. This lady has a personality as vibrant as the color story of the print and a heart as warm as the fleece fabric. As we enter into the chill of late autumn and cold of winter, I thought this full sized blanket could be a source of comfort and warmth for her. She is one strong and brave woman. My thoughts and prayers are always with her and her amazing family as she continues to battle her illness, which never has and will never will define her. Love you, friend, snuggle up!


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