Simple Sweats


Thanks to everyone who has “Liked” and “Commented” on my last blog post, “Sweatshirt Fairy Tale”.  I received so many fun responses.  And as promised here is the first of three followup related posts, sequels to the aforementioned. As you may recall, our “Cinderella” Sweatshirt has some unfortunate step sisters (3), who are looking for a makeover. Today’s post features, “Sloppy Sweatpants.” Right away I’m feeling the need to rename these pants as they are really just simple not sloppy, seems more fair!

Our garment redo is a pair of Old Navy light weight navy knit pull on pants with a roll down yoga-style waistband. They are great for working all day in the studio or at a retreat.  Since my previous post featured several different altering techniques, I decided to keep this one very simple.  With just some fabric paint, stencils and stamps these basic pants are transformed!

When painting with fabric paint, I used Jacquard, always make sure you prewash the garment to remove any sizing used in the manufacturing process. My pants were ones I have had for a while, they have been in and out of the wash many times and have held up quite well!


I used  purchased letter stencils for the “Art is Life” and “Create”. I cut my own stencil for the number “10” from mylar with a utility knife. Also a good idea is to slip a flat pice of cardboard or some newsprint paper in between the fabric layers so that the paint doesn’t bleed through to the other side when applying the paint. BTW the “10” is to commemorate the tenth anniversary this year for the Art is You Retreats. The title “Art is Life” was the theme from a previous AIY Retreat…I just love that expression!

Always let your fabric paint dry overnight, if possible (a hand held craft dryer also works if you are in a rush!), and then heat set with a press cloth and a dry (no steam) hot iron.


Here’s a pic of “Cinderella Sweatshirt” and her sis, “Simple Sweat”.

If you love to sew, paint and embellish…please join me for my workshop “Art Retreat Threads”on at Art is You, Stamford CT on Saturday, October 10, 2015. Here’s the link for the class, click here

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this garment makeover trilogy!!


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