Overalls Redeux!


A pair of overall shorts had been sitting in my closet for way too long. And they were begging for an overhaul!

First the reconstruction:

Step One: rip out the crotch seam to back.

Step Two: overlap fabric, create the skirt and trim the excess fabric flap.

Step Three: Stitch the overlap.

Second the embellishing:

Add trims, stamping and embellishments (beads and silk flower)


I added the blingy, skinny belt and a T (not just any T…my “Art Retreat Threads” T!) This overall skirt is so comfy and has just enough arty-ness that I love to wear it in and out of the studio!

Celebrate You…come join me for my workshop “Art Retreat Threads” at Art Is You…Stamford, Saturday, October 10th, 2015. We will have a ball taking garments you have in your wardrobe and transforming into fun, arty and comfy clothes you will want to wear!

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For The Bride To Be!

My sweet neighbor is getting married next month and to help celebrate The Big Day, I made her a garter. For materials I used lace from my collection, a length of lovely, feather weight pale blue silk vintage ribbon (Tinsel Trading, NYC) and some bits and beads. Adding a handmade card and heart cut outs, I nested the garter in ivory paper shreds and tied up the brown Kraft box with organza ribbon. Sweeeet!


Bedroom Refresh 2015


College daughter T is coming home in a couple weeks and thought it was time to freshen up her bedroom. Yesterday I found this cool floral print in the home dec department of Joann’s (used my solid 50% off coupon) and whipped this lined panel up. As soon as I opened the door to hang it, my trusty assistant Millie came in to explore! I think she misses her sister (or saw a squirrel outside?!).  The window wall is painted a light periwinkle blue and the curtain has that color as well as a few other different blues and greens on oatmeal background.

I will also be replacing her current comforter with this vintage beauty I found at The Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market last year for $25.00!







And yes, the mint condition, quilt is completely quilted and embroidered by hand! I feel we are so very fortunate to have it in our home. So that was the fun stuff…Now I have to wash the walls and dust the furniture in there…ughhh! But… it will be a breath of spring air by the time I’m done with it and I think my girl will love her new digs!