Spring Cleaning 2015



Spring cleaning continues in the studio. I purchased this nice new, expandable organizer (Bed Bath and Beyond) for all my yummy markers and pens. As my art journaling takes place in any number of places, I have had a stash of writing and drawing implements in pouches and vessels, of all sorts, all over the house. It felt like time to get everything in one place.  Now when I am looking for just the right shade of whatever color, I know where to look! It’s really amazing what one little storage unit can do to simplify things!!


And here’s the reward for all that hard (ha ha, not really!) work: Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownies with M & M’s.  Just cooked up a batch and the house smells real sweeeeeet!

Happy Spring cleaning everyone!

The Sketchbook Project 2015


Every year since its inception, I have submitted to a global program out of Brooklyn, NY called    The Sketchbook Project.  It is truly a challenge for me as I am not a fine artist, illustrator or painter. Fortunately the very good folks there support all forms and mediums and are open to the multi media, collage style of my books.

Not giving anything away here as the deadline date is March 31st.      But if you look closely, you can see the title on my handstamped paper book cover.  Having done a couple years of dress themed books (my fave!), I felt the need to try something new.  As in all of my previous submissions, all the pages are hand painted, collaged, hand lettered and often stitched. I also simply hand bind my books using colorful (bright yellow this year!) hemp binding thread. I don’t usually use the Moleskin type sketchbook that comes with when you sign up for the project. TSP also offers to digitally photograph your book for an extra fee, totally worth it, they do a great job.

Stay tuned for more pics and do check out their site! Off she goes!