Winter Journals 2015

WInter Journals

Happy Friday, Everyone! It has truly been one bitter cold day, week, season for that matter!  Perfect though for settling down with pen and paper.  Today’s post features my seasonal journals of choice!  Starting in the upper left hand corner of the photo is one of my handmades, created from the leg of pair of denim jeans! I made a fringe from some fave indigo colored fabrics (some commercial and also my dyed/painted) and stitched it onto the cover.  Inside (not pictured today) I have a mix of different types of papers to accommodate writing, painting, collaging or whatever form my journaling takes on at that particular moment! There’s also an inside front and back pocket to hold a mini yellow legal pad! I used a heavy stiffener, Trimtex, to give the cover some heft. Moving on down to the right is a lovely paper-backed journal given to me to use in my meditation sessions at Terrain, Westport. And in the center of the photo is a journal made and gifted to me from my friend Stephanie Suskin. I have deemed this sweet, portable book as my Prayer Journal for this Lenten season. It’s nice and small and spiral bound so that I can bring it with me to Mass or at home to note my reflections during this solemn time of the Catholic Church calendar.  I have been making journals for so many years and I am always excited to see how different they come out…some soft cover, some hard, with different designs and features (signatures, pockets, bindings,embellishments).  I cherish them all as they often reflect the different mediums and techniques I am playing with in my studio.  Keep warm and cozy and snuggle up with your blank book and writing instruments of choice and see where they takes you!!

February 2015….Getting back in the swing!


Yes it has been one cold, snowy and WINDY winter…here there and everywhere!  And add to that my recovering from a damaged tendon in my left thumb and it has seemed like an even longer winter! But the good news is that the thumb is turning the corner and I am able to start to use it, albeit with the brace.

And Yankees Pitchers and Catchers start on Friday…so…there’s that to look forward to as well.

I have used my hiatus to watch several sewing tutorials, journal and dream of projects to finish and to start!  Fortunately I was able to do a little background paper painting (which always makes me happy!).

IMG_3101 IMG_3102

These sweeties were used as Valentines for my CARE packages to distant friends and former sewing students!

So what’s on my table now…I am working on a couple muslins adapted from international sewing patterns. I am so loving my “Coco” dress/tunic pattern from Tilly and The Buttons from the UK! Battling with fit issues on my muslins made from a Japanese pattern book…hopefully I will resolve the fit issues soon or abort the mission!  And then there’s my annual Sketchbook Project submission and my college graduate son’s quilt that needs finishing!  So boredom is not a word to describe my studio life!

I wish everyone a productive weekend and let me know what you are doing lately to beat cabin fever!