Day 16 Make & Give: Not ‘sew’ far away?

day 16 pic 1

Today is the sixteenth day of my special holiday season of giving. From now until December 25th, I plan to make and or do something special for someone I may   or may not know.

I’m hoping that these little acts of kindness will inspire my readers and their friends to do the same!

Sometimes friends move away, not too far away but far away enough so that you don’t get to see them as often as you would like. Such is the case with this fellow creative. She may only live up the coast, but it’s not a quickee trip, if you know    I-95 in CT! I miss our banter on all things sewing, crafting and design related, her quick wit and great sense of humor. A kindred spirit, she’s so fun to be around! So today’s M & G goes out to her: one of my pocket-sized journals.

The cover is made from collaging several layers of sewing pattern tissue and topped with one of my ‘signature’ little hand dyed, stitched cloth dresses and embellished with a bit of vintage trim. The signature is filled with my hand painted papers and has a pocket sewn into the front and back covers. A mini yellow legal pad fits nicely into the back pocket (I am a major list maker with a obsession with yellow legal pads of all sizes!). 

day 16 pic 2 







I love this travel sized journal, it slides easily into your tote or bag…                perfect for trip taking.

Also included in the package is a copy of Pentatonix Holiday CD. I think this young, vibrant a capella group is amazing! It is my go-to CD this season when I’m working in my studio!

day 16 pic 3








Enjoy your gifts, my friend and B-Inspired!


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