Day 5 Make & Give: Books To Go!

day 5 pic1a

Today is the fifth day of my special holiday season of giving. From now until December 25th, I plan to make and or do something special for someone I may or may not know.

I’m hoping that these little acts of kindness will inspire my readers and their friends to do the same!

We live in a town of commuters . Thousands of residents travel up and down the CT coast through Fairfield, stopping or going all the way south to NYC or north to New Haven and beyond. There are passengers who travel for business and for pleasure. Regardless of your intention, commuting can be filled with delays and other distractions. So what better to help you relax and enjoy the ride than a good book! Yes, we are a very tech savvy society and many passengers have their devices to read from, but what about the satisfying feeling of thumbing through the pages of a fabulous read?!

We now have two train stops in town: one is brand new with no waiting room and the other is old school with the wooden benches and all to sit and wait!  It’s in this old gem where you will find a revolving wire book rack where passengers may choose a book for the trip or donate a book that they have finished. What a system AND it’s free!! Recently while waiting in this station for my train into the City, which was of course late, again, I noticed how sparse the book rack was. So, today’s Make and or Give was to go through our home library and fill up a couple  shopping bags worth of books to donate to the station’s waning supply! Mission accomplished as we (with the help of my son) filled up almost all the racks with a nice selection of books for readers of all ages!

day 5 pic 2a


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