As Spring 2014 winds down…..


As springtime winds down, I find myself behind in blogging but certainly not lagging in the production department!

In preparation for a class I’m co-teaching at Art is You.. Stamford, “Reversible Apron”this October, I have been busy making sample after sample to promote the class.
Here are some of them!



The apron is made using a man’s buttoned down shirt! Here’s a recycling project at its best!
I also have used the sleeve and cuffs for pockets. The AIY 2014 theme is Art is your BFF, as you can see.

I’m co-teaching with a dear art sistah, Linda Willis, who is a well respected artist and sewer! She will teach the painting and the screen printing techniques used for the fabric on the other side of the apron.

She is truly amazing!
Here’s the link for more info on the retreat and a blog post on our class!