Apron Coverage 2014

Hi everyone!
It’s been a busy couple months, as always(!), in the studio, designing, sewing and promoting a class I will be co teaching with Linda Willis called “Reversible Apron” this October at
Art is You… Stamford!
A class that offers students the opportunity to create their own painted fabrics (Linda) that will be part of reversible art apron made in part from a man’s button down shirt (me!).



We’ll also use the sleeves and cuffs for pockets… Not much will be left from that shirt by the time we are done with it!


I have made these aprons as gifts to some my art sistahs over the years at AIY retreats. And retreat goers are always complementing and asking for this class! And the theme for this year’s retreat is Art is Your BFF.
How great would it be to take the class with your best art sistah?!



Teaching this class with Linda will be a blast: she’s so fun, chill and uber talented! A sewing machine and basic hand and machine sewing skills will get the job done nicely! Both Linda and I are very experienced in sewing and fabric painting. We are there to inspire and take you through the simple construction and painting techniques!

Check us out and come join us!!!

Linda Willis and Elizabeth Duke
Reversible Apron
One Day Workshop – TWO Teachers!
10:00am – 5:00pm
Kit: $20.00