Winter Storm Nika, Take this!

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It may have looked like this outside today but inside it was a wonderfully productive day! Winter Storm Nika was raging it's ugly head here with snow, freezing rain, sleet and rain.

After loading up the crock pot with a stew, roasting some potatoes and making homemade applesauce, I scurried down to the studio along with Muse Millie to Make!!


We put some dance music on
(Gifted to me from very excellent Santa!) to get us movin and before you knew it we were def in the creative groove!!


So we got down to the business of making. I cut down some of my previously painted and collaged handmade papers into Valentine cards and tags.



Added some hand lettering and stamped some seasonal sentiments and images and was pretty pleased with the results!

To hold gift cards and sweets, I made these cute little burlap bags. Serged up the sides with red thread. On the flap I machine appliqu├ęd a heart then added a charm and a little ribbon bow to finish it off. This was a fun little craft to teach my private sewing students. They went crazy making them for their Besties!


Hope everyone made it through this storm safe and sound!
Wishing you all a very sweet and Happy Valentines Day!!