Janu-arty 2014!

Having a few weeks of down time from bridal seamstress work and private sewing lessons has given me the opportunity not only to clean up and organize the studio but also to work on some personal projects.
Valentines Day is a favorite holiday for me to create handmades (but then what holiday isn’t?!). Since I am trying to avoid excessive scissor use and ironing right now due to a damaged tendon in my right thumb (what an annoying injury for me!), I have taken to painting paper for Vday cards! A very dear long time GF, gifted me some gorgeous vintage wooden stamps she bought at an estate sale….Laura, these are wonderful (as are you !). I have enjoyed stamping with them on 140lb watercolor paper as well as on mailing envelopes. Used some gold as well as 3 shades of pinks and red paint on top of a previously painted pale pink background!

Love how these papers are coming along…will show you the finished pieces soon.
Things are also happening in my sewing world. Am taking an online class on sewing with knits. Learning some very cool tips! Hopefully in a few days my thumb will have improved and I can try using scissors again! Can’t wait to put my newly found education into practice! There are so many interesting kinds of knits,novelty and otherwise, out there! Will post my sewing progress with you.
Until then keep warm with these arctic temperatures and keep creating!!!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lauradotcalm
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:46:01

    Well well ED, I’ve managed to return the inspiration it seems!!! My joy cup runneth over! Sooo happy to be a part of your life again… XO


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