What’s to come in 2014?


It’s late afternoon on New Years Eve 2013 and I continue to be hard at work on my submissions for this coming year’s Sketchbook Project. After doing several dummies I think I have all my ideas, hand lettering styles, pens and ephemera chosen! I will be creating three copies of the book: one to travel with SP in the Northeast US , one for the Pacific Northwest US and one copy to keep. So much to do… The deadline is January 15, 2014! When I finish the books I will post them for you to enjoy!

For more info on The Sketchbook Project visit sketchbook project.com
A very productive and satisfying day I’d say! Now it’s time to leave the studio and start preparing some treats for our lil stay at home New Years celebration with family.

Btw I always select a word or two as my resolution for the New Year. This year’s word is “stretch.” As in stretching beyond my comfort zone or routine, creatively, physically etc.

What’s your word for 2014? I’d love to hear!

A Happy, Healthy Blessed New Year to you all dear friends!!


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