Holiday Workshop 2013

It’s that time of year for creating wonderful handmades for our friends and families! Today is Workshop #1… And for four hours we will paint, stamp sew and embellish all sorts of wonderful giftees. I have held these workshops for many years for my students. It’s a blast!


All the supplies are set.
The snack bar will provide necessary sustenance.
Can’t wait to see all the beautiful creations the girls will make!
Will keep you posted!
What kind of goodies are you crafting this year?!

Art is You Stamford 2013

Another great year of art and community! Art is Life was the theme of this year’s retreat… And that couldn’t be more true ! Where would we be without art, any and all kinds of art ?!

Once again I decided to make hand made journals as my trades. I used paper fabric as my base for the covers. The paper fabric was made using muslin as a foundation. I then added layers of pages from The New York Times and tissue paper with a watered down solution of water and Elmer’s Glue to keep it all together. Finally after several days of layering and gluing, I was ready to cut down the large sheets into the covers. Next I lettered and then added a few painted touches. Machine stitching was next (sewing had to be involved as you know) around the covers, covers and blank mixed media weight paper were cut down and also hole-punched with the Crop a dile. For back covers on the smaller journals I cut down pieces of corrugated cardboard. The larger journals had hand painted canvas backs with a pocket holding a lined pad. Last I added rings to bond the journals and tied on some yummy fibers.


Made 40 of them!!

I love making theses treasures!
Wait til you see the ones I’m thinking of for AIY 2014!!