My (your) Signature

Yesterday was my 40th birthday, again,
and between my job at the bridal and all the celebrations (thanks to my family, dear friends and wonderful PSB ladies, for the copious, beautiful and delicious treats, messages, phone calls, cards and packages all day, I love you all!) I took some time to reflect on my creative life. I thought who am I really, creatively speaking. What is my signature? After much deliberation I concluded that I do not have a singular signature but several. I decided this by looking at how diverse my creative interests are. Just looking at the numerous “categories” that I have named and may choose from when I write a new blog post! I simply love them all although I must admit I do finds self drawn to a few very dear ones! Oh no am I defining myself or my signature? Nope won’t go there!

Truly I am passionate about all things fabric: fibers, textures, manipulations, sewing and embellishing them. Here are some pieces I dyed in indigo recently.

Then there’s paper. Any kind and the more the better. Especially when I can paint my own, layer it, stamp, letter and sew and bead on it! I have always loved making handmade stationery and journals. This pic is of a new collection I’m working on of map journals. I’ll post the group when I’m all done.

A couple of the things I can define about who I am creatively is that I always seek to be authentic to myself and to inspire others to do the same. Recently I was with some of my beloved art sistahs and one gal mentioned how everything has more or less been done before. Yes absolutely and yet that leaves the window of opportunity open to all creatives to make their own interpretation and contribution (while being very mindful and considerate of copyrights etc).
So try not label or define yourself, your work or your signature. And leave that creative door or window. You just never know what ideas and inspiration may come into that amazing mind of yours.
So celebrate you and all the artistic diversity in you!