The Best of…For Now!!

Recently I have been working on putting together a little visual resume, if you will, of some of my best and favorite recent pieces. But how to describe my work and interests? For starters I would have to say I am very diverse in my art forms.  First off, I love fabric and all  fabrics/materials, supplies and notions! I am a sewist, a sewing teacher, a bridal seamstress, a quilter and one who embroiders. I not only love making the main piece, garment or any other handmade, but I adore the embellishing process as well!

Here are a few of my denim skirt creations! I LOVE DENIM! These are my “Home” themed wearable art skirts. The longer one, on the left, was an award-winning submission at The Quilter’s Gathering, a annual national show and exhibit in New Hampshire. I hand cut, and stitched all those little raw silk houses and then beaded them. On the back of the skirt, I had a little fun and cut out of Ultrasuede our local zip code (which represented where our Home resides!). Ps don’t our gardens look great (despite the heat waves)!



DSC_3622This is a shorter version of my Home skirt collection. I cut down a pair of jeans and attached some vintage trim and then a ruffle of raw silks. Lots of hand beading on this one.


This denim skirt features a patchwork side panel of silks and other novelty fabrics. Embellishments here include some rouching, beads, buttons, lace appliques, trims and charms.



A Crazy Vest. This piece showcases many wonderful combinations of my embroidery stitching and beading techniques.


Journal Making. Now we get to my second artistic love:  Journal Making! I love all things paper, paper related and ephemera!  By painting paper and then using numerous mixed media and collage techniques and tools I have created dozens of handmade journals. Some have fabric covers and some I have hand sewn the bindings. Here are just a few of my faves.


Doll Making I wouldn’t truly call myself a dollmaker but I do love a good sit down with my art sisters to make dolls. Art dolls of all kinds, shapes and materials (fabric, clay, foam. wood). Then of course doll clothes are sewn and then embellished. Notice my Bat Doll on the left. Her name is Pat, in honor of a very dear friend who loved Halloween and all things batty! This doll took a Second Place in a statewide competition.



I hope you have enjoyed my creative review! Just looking at all these beautiful photos, shot by  my talented daughter, T, in our gorgeous gardens, makes me want to run right down to my studio and start-up something fabulous and new! Also a huge shout out to my amazing son, JJ for all his technical support on this blog post! No way could I have done it without him.