Breast cancer Backpack

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending the annual EIF Revlon Walk for the Cure in NYC. I have walked the walk a few times before with daughter T and BC survivor BZ. This was an extra special year as dear BZ celebrates 10 years cancer free! Fellow creatives and friends K and K joined me this year as dear T was still away at college.
To honor my friend on this momentous occasion, I decided to make her a backpack to wear for the walk. As we both are big into recycling and repurposing, I used a couple dish towels, I dyed pink, an old strapless bra also dyed light pink then painted with polka dots and trimmed with pom poms. The hook n eye closure from the back of the bra was hand stamped with a daisy like flower and added as another little design detail.


For finishing touches I added a ruby red slipper fabric ruffle at the bottom, a black n white dotted bow and a button I made from a wooden bumble bee. These I stitched between the bra cups! Then I stamped her initials and the number “10” for her anniversary! A black braided cord was used to rig it into a backpack.
It came out as I had hoped: whimsical and yet a commemorative keepsake!

Here’s our girl modeling her new knapsack!
We had a great walk, celebrating BZ, all cancer survivors, victims, their families, friends and caregivers. I was most reflective during our walk, which started in Times Square went up Broadway, along Central Park South and ended in Central Park, of my own dear friends who had battled so hard and succumbed to this awful disease.
After our walk our hostess treated us to a homemade sumptuous luncheon buffet in her city apartment.
How does the girl do it?!
It was an extraordinary day shared with dear friends for a great cause… we have so much to be grateful for!




Spring Birthday Tiara’s

My dear daughter T and most dearest family friend J celebrated birthdays in April so it’s safe now to let the cat outta the bag and show you the spring tiaras I whipped up for them as a surprise treat! Just using a couple different gauges of wire, pearl and crystal beads and mini paper flowers was all that I needed!

I first made clusters of flowers and beads and then wove them together.
Voila! My girls celebrated royally I’m sure!