I Love Dying (fabric!) Day

This past weekend I devoted most of Saturday to dying pieces of fabric, ribbon and baby onesies. We have a new Great Nephew and our neighbor’s have a new baby girl. One of my favorite handmade baby gifts is hand dyed baby undies ( T’s, tanks, onesies socks…). So I set up two dye baths (one Royal Blue n one Pink) using Jacguard’s I Dye Immersion Dye.
Usually I am a Procion MX Immersion Dye devotee but was out of Activator, how did this happen?! And fortunately had the packs of I Dye on the shelf to experiment with. I was not disappointed .

As with ProChemical’s (my fave supplier) MX, it’s always a good idea to prewash the goods to eliminate any sizing. Then I bind up the onesies, Shibori style with rubber bands and then presoak in plain water just before the actual dying.

In all the pieces went along with a cup of non-iodized salt in each bucket with enough hot boiling water to cover the pieces.

What goes on after that is a lot of babysitting!….stirring the contents for about 30 mins. Next is to remove all bindings, in this case the rubber bands (sometimes I use string, wood blocks, clothes pins, marbles…). Then into the washing machine it goes with some Synthrapol to set and clean and then a second cold water wash to remove any residue. So it’s not your traditional camp style tie dye!

Here’s the Royal Blue bounty! The I Dyes give a very beautiful vibrant color!
I will hand stamp some pieces and on the girlie ones add a touch of lace! Just love dying day! I remember doing this for my little baby girl n boy way back when!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kathleen nesi
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 15:36:52

    so cool elizabeth! i hope you show the finished products!


  2. elizabeth duke
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 19:22:59

    thanks kathy, will do!


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