Birthday Art Play

So today is my bday and yes I am another year younger…just in case you’re wondering!

And my original plan was to do this….

…which could still happen but instead I continued to work on painting two large pieces of canvas started earlier this week.

For the last 5 years, and this is #6, I have the attended Art Is You…East
coast retreat in CT. Oh, when you go to the site, you’ll see a pair of red painted “gunked up” hands on the banner… those paws are yours truly!! An honor for sure to be front and center on the site! Thanks Sal!
Excuse me, I digress!

AIY is held in October and the site is in Stamford this time. Participants choose from many wonderful classes in many different areas of mixed media art. We eat, sleep and play with art, design and also bring trades to swap with other attendees..mine will be journals using these painted canvases.

We have had such gorgeous weather that I set up shop painting outside on our picnic table and then let the canvases dry on the grass and then on the deck.


Now I'm at the stage where I'm painting with everyday items to create more interest to the foundation/painted surface. Some of my techniques include using masking tape, corks, sea sponges, bubble wrap, rubber stamps, sequin waste, sheetrock screen tape and free form painting. After this layer of embellishment dries, I'll probably go back in and use some oil pastels and smudge it up a bit!



Next I will cut the canvas down to probably 4×8″ size and then cut some nice Canson Mixed Media paper to sew into the center fold. This will make a little 4″ square journal. I will use a variety of different size and font letter rubber stamps to stamp out the theme of this year’s retreat, “Wild, Weird and Wonderful” to finish the front and back covers. When I’m all done I’ll do a quick a quick post to show you the finished pieces!

Thanks everybody for all your bday well wishes! Now maybe I’ll crack open that nice big fat issue of September Vogue, an annual must read to stay on trend! Haha!

Things We hope We Taught You!

So, the first Care Package I sent to my daughter included a very special handmade book.
I thought it would be fun (!) for my husband, son and family kitty to share some bits of wisdom and humor with T as she embarks on her college experience.


I collaged all sorts of paper memorabilia from her high school Senior year and our summer vacation on top of a muslin fabric base and made paper fabric. The many layers of papers, gel and matte medium made the paper fabric nice n stiff. I cut the one large sheet into pages. On some pages I added a second small pocket to put tiny photos and treats and on other pages I sewed raw edge ribbons, tags from clothes purchased for her to bring to school or photos. Next I stitched two pages together on three sides keeping the top open creating a pocket.


Inside the page pockets were the letters and notes we wrote (or in the case of our cat, dictated!). I used a Crop-a-Dial to hole punch the pages, and metal rings to “bind” the book.
As the finishing touch I used lots of raw edge strips of fabric to tie around the rings. I hope she enjoys it!!
Love ya T and love to my contributing writers/humorists (you know who you are!).




Things We hope We taught