Luggage Tag Challenge

Here is my submission to art and mixed media magazine Cloth Paper Scissors, Reader Challenge “Luggage Tag”. Inspired by past vacations down at Sea Island, GA, I used hand painted fabrics, cheesecloth, handpainted paper for flip flops, beads, maps and found objects to pull the whole piece together. It’s about 4 x 6″, like postcard size. So fun and always good to take a challenge!




Love Letters

Today I sat down and began an online lettering course with lettering artist extraordinaire, Joanne Sharpe. I was so excited to watch and then participate by doing my first couple “homework” assignments. First after gathering all my supplies, I decorated a composition notebook, which will hold sample alphabets and practice exercises and then I wrote out 5 pages of lower and uppercase alphabets using different pens. This is paradise for lettering geeks like me! I have always loved lettering since I can’t remember when….have clear memories of lining up on my school desk, colorful Le Pen ballpoint stick pens (lime green, hot pink and purple!) back in elementary school at Sts Peter & Paul School! And have loved playing with pens and paper ever since! I can’t wait til next class! One of the beauties of these online classes, there are 29, is that you can go at your own pace and repent them as often as you’d like! Check out Joanne at



Valentines Day Weekend

This is Valentines Day Weekend. Home to our Annual (15th) Valentines
Open House Party which includes lots of home and handmades. All things made with loads of TLC! Our party includes neighborhood friends old and new. It’s a celebration that I look forward to every year.


Here are a few photos. Dear Sis’ homemade bread and scones, beyond yummy! With a few glittery foam hearts, some ribbon and handfuls of shredded pink paper we turned the Christmas Tree on our deck into a festive Vday Tree! Sweet Millie looks like she’d gobble up those homemade and painted cookies by dear Sis and Niece and don’t those gals look gorgeous playin dress up?
Ahhhhhh and to think we still have a couple more days til the Big Day on the 14th?!
Love to you all!




In addition to “Gunked Up Hands”

Gunked Hands

Gunked Hands

Gunked Up Hands

Sallianne and Ellen, the brilliant and gorgeous creators of Art is Retreats, have reached out to artist attendees to submit photos of their “gunked up ” hands for one of the Art Is charities, Living in Generosity. So today I gunked up and lay my hands in a heart shape on top of one of my hand dyed and stamped cloths. I think the result is cool and a bit eerie! Thanks to daughter T for being photog and to kitty Millie for NOT jumping up on the table during our little shoot!


Mail Art

Don’t you just love to get mail? I do but
I also love to send out mail especially when I’ve embellished the envelope or package. Today I wrapped up some care packages for former sewing students that are now in college and naturally had fun collating and decorating them with a Valentine theme!