Sketchbook Project 2012

Here’s my submission to the annual “Sketchbook Project”. For more information about the Sketchbook Project, click here. The theme I chose is “Stitch and Fold.”The idea is that you sign up at the site, and select your theme. A Moleskine Sketchbook is sent to you and the rest is up to you as to how you would like to represent the theme.  You need not be an illustrator to participate, thosands of artists using  many different media participate. When finished all sketchbooks are sent to The Brooklyn Art Library and are prepared for travel all over the United States.  Each book has a label with the artist’s name and bar code.  At each destination, the books are set up like a library and the public may come in, check out the book using the bar code and view the book, on the premise.  Viewers may also choose to comment on the book and each artist will receive an email with the viewer’s comment.  Very cool!

I made two sketchbooks, one to send and one to keep.  Here are some photos from both books.  I  included both hand and machine stitching, hand folding fabric and paper, some embroidery stitching, some beading, rubber stamping on folded and stitched fabric and paper, and some vintage finds .  I am so excited to have completed the books, they were a pleasure to do!



Sketchbook Cover


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